Submissions for the Best Album of 2023 now open!

Submissions for the Best Album of 2023 now open!

FRIENDS! Since most of you were so enthusiastic about it, we'll be voting for our version of THE BEST ALBUM OF 2023!🤘 So now it's time to submit your entries:

  1. Write in comments as many albums as you think should be considered for the shortlist (please post 1 album per comment).
  2. You can submit your entries until this Sunday November 19.
  3. 10 most popular suggestions across all our platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, X) will make it to the shortlist among which we will select the best album of 2023 (I will make a video about each of them on MP2).

    Please note that like on comments count as well (so ie. if someone suggestions 72 Seasons you don't need to comment with it again, just liking that comment is enough).

SO LET'S DO IT! I am so excited which album we all chose as the best one this year!🤘

And yes, you may suggest your albums here and across all the platforms where you follow Metal Pilgrim!
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