If you would like to rock Metal Pilgrim merch at the next Metal concert you attend, here are a couple of designs for you to choose from 🤘


Yet first of all I’d like to say that I am extremely thankful for all your support, for every t-shirt or hoodie purchased by you! This truly means a lot to me!

Please note that all t-shirt and hoodies are printed and shipped out by me personally, thus minimizing the production and shipping costs. Also please note that because of the war in Ukraine I decided that all profits from the Metal Pilgrim merch will for now be used to help the volunteer efforts I’m a part of here on the ground in Ukraine, namely the Steel Wings Foundation I founded.

After you fill out a simple order form I’ll make sure to contact you via email with the shipping information and the final cost. Btw, my PayPal address is

Approximate shipping costs:

US/Canada: T-shirt – $8.60 | Hoodie – $22
Europe: T-shirt – $7 | Hoodie $19
South America/Australia: T-shirt – $8.60 | Hoodie – $22
Other: Depends…