Metal Pilgrim’s ‘Steel Wings’ Foundation

As most of you know, since the war started I’ve been actively involved in the volunteer efforts on the ground here in Ukraine. And I am EXTREMELY thankful to EVERYONE who’s supported Ukraine and me personally with a comment, a private message, a donation, by purchasing Metal Pilgrim merch or in ANY other way.

And for the first months I’ve been doing it all as a private volunteer, although of course I am a part of a larger group. Yet now we thought it’s time to take it to another level. So together with my dear friends, including Andriy Vasylenko of Bulavira and others I decided to register Steel Wings’ Foundation, an official International Non-Profit Foundation in support of Ukraine.

Our goal remains as before: help boys and girls DIRECTLY on the frontlines to kick out ALL of the invaders from our Country, until we’re able to organise a massive Metal party after our Victory!

We’re very thankful who’s supported our volunteer efforts before, and now, when we’re an official Foundation, this process has just become way more transparent, So if you’d like to support us financially, the bank details below. We’ll also try to become a part of some automatic donation systems (like the one on Amazon, Bonfire etc.) to simplify the process, but that’s going to be a bit later.

Thank you all, once again!

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