Support Ukraine!

For the past years all of my efforts with the Metal Pilgrim channels were concentrated on keeping Heavy Metal alive through the means of providing quality content on the best genre of music to ever exist. And yet now, as every Ukrainian all of my strength and energy is channeled to help Ukraine kick out all of the russian invaders from our beautiful Country! And I’ll continue doing so until our complete Victory! And that is why we launched Steel Wings Foundation – an official Non-Profit Foundation in support of Ukraine

So please help Ukrainians in this fight: spread the word about what is ACTUALLY going on in Ukraine (ie. share videos like the one below by me, or other videos by such bloggers as Andriy Vasylenko).

How Ukrainians ACTUALLY feel about russians after Bucha

Keep pushing your government to provide more REAL support to Ukraine. We’re fighting not only for ourselves, but for the future of our world and its values. Or consider donating money to Ukraine. Here are a couple of ways to do so if you would like to do it through me (I remain on the ground in Kyiv, Ukraine):

  1. By donating to Steel Wings here.
  2. By purchasing Metal Pilgrim merch (100% of profits go directly to the frontlines in Ukraine) here.
  3. By donating to me via PayPal (ATTENTION: Please include a note “To the volunteer efforts in support of Ukraine”). My PayPal is stadnykvladyslav [ at ] I will donate it back to Steel Wings
  4. By donating to me via Zelle if you’re in the US (ATTENTION: Please include a note “To the volunteer efforts in support of Ukraine”). My Zelle is stadnykvladyslav [ at ] I will then donate it to Steel Wings Foundation

Or through some other means, both material and non-material. Please contact me at contact [ at ] to talk about them and make sure to check your Spam folder for a reply.